Thursday, 28 July 2011

Good News for you Up-And-Comers

The good folks over at classic American car makers Chevrolet have decided upon the eponymous Route 66 and the adventures of car travel for the theme for their mammoth advertising push during next years Superbowl 2012. The crucial advantage for the young and the restless, aching for an opportunity to have an audience as large as the 100 million viewers of the Superbowl, is that they want you to make it.

In the words of the brand itself:

'Chevrolet is creating an amazing video contest with the biggest prize to date.Your 30" spot could run during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI! Tell us about your stories and adventures in the spirit of Chevrolet Route 66 to be in with a chance of winning a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Here is how you get there..

Round one

Write a script for an iconic 30 second film which captures the unique spirit of the original Route 66 and Chevrolet.

The script for your film should be an epic road trip story or adventure that captures the spirit of Route 66 and Chevrolet! The top five scripts will win serious cash. We will provide feedback on all scripts which will give you a jump start should you decide to produce a video in Round Two.

Round Two

On September 1st, an updated brief will be launched for you to start turning your big idea into a 30" film to run during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI. You will hear more about this round in July and August 2011.'

Not only would the winner have their work in the living rooms of millions, they'd also be sitting pretty on $25,000 in cash.
Take a look at the promo video below:

For more, visit their site

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Damian Gascoigne debuts 'Muso Soup'

Muso Soup is a true modern parable brought to life by the deftly cast Mark Heap (of channel 4's Green Wing fame) and fellow director Steve May as our heroes, Electro-Stasis and In-cider. Damian's exceptional narrative captivates the audience by taking a swipe at pompous, pseudo muso intellectuals. As we watch our heroes play a ridiculous game of one-upmanship they become more and more desperate in their futile attempts to argue their point. There is only one solution.....cyber intervention.

We caught up with Damian to talk shop and find out what it's like venturing into new, animated waters...

P.P. So, who is Damian Gascoigne?

D.G. A carbon based bipedal organism capable of four thousand calculations per second. Known for his gluttony and his wantonness he has led a dissolute and wayward existence. Saved only by the charity of Picasso Pictures who took him in and nurtured the small spark of talent they found, and by sheer determination fashioned a polite and hard working animation director from the roughest of clays.

P.P. You've been cultivating your style for years, is this a turning point for you?

D.G. It tries to connect the hand drawn aesthetic I have developed over many years, with the 3D computer realm. It is a dialogue between traditional and digital methods, between 2D and 3D, and an attempt to open up the visual language of contemporary 3D animation to new ways of designing and new ways of moving. It is also a watershed in terms of my work. Having spent twenty years as a strictly 2D designer, animator and director, I have invested more than two years of my time to learn about 3D computer animation. Not just how to do it but more importantly how to do it my way. It took many painful hours, days, weeks and months, and an enormous amount of help and goodwill from a lot of very clever and talented people. Like a true 'poacher turned gamekeeper' I now love the medium, and can't wait to explore it further.

P.P. Over the years you've worked on so many different projects, is there one that you feel best sums up your aesthetic?

D.G. I only really rate my personal work, as this has been where I have had the chance to do what I want. The film 'A Cream and Two Plains', in which my mother narrated stories of family life is the most personal film I have made. The animation installation 'The Love Books' is the most experimental piece, and by far the strongest work I have made.

P.P. What made you get into animation in the first place?

D.G. Company. Music. Giving orders. Applause.

P.P. Your living in Korea now, is it inspiring you in new ways?

D.G. Korea is about as different a life experience as I could ask for in many ways. It is a dynamic, modern country, yet nothing fundamental has changed for hundreds of years. Its population is almost exclusively Korean, and coming from multicultural London this is a big shock. I stand out wherever I go. I am married to a Korean woman and having a brand new dual heritage baby in this environment, where such events are extremely rare, is quite a challenge. The extended family are fantastic, and we receive daily help and support raising our daughter. When we venture out we are regularly stopped in supermarkets and department stores by Korean people fascinated by our mixed race child. Thankfully the attention is overwhelmingly positive, so the sooner we can get her started in a modelling career the better.

Muso Soup was written and created by Damian Gascoigne and produced by Melissa Venet at Picasso Pictures. Adelphoi Music provided the uniquely eclectic score and excellent sound design.

Check out a sneak peek from Muso Soup and more from Damian below...

Full credits for Muso Soup:

Damian Gascoigne
Melissa Venet at Picasso Pictures
Mark Heap
Steve May
Music and Sound
Adelphoi Music
Additional Music
“Iag Bari” Fanfare Ciocalie
copyright Piranha Music
3D Animation
Jonathan Harris
Joe Sparrow
Blanca Martinez
3D Modelling
Jonathan Harris
Mahesh Swarmy
Joe Sparrow
Emmie Bednall
Additional Graphics
Nuno Neves
Rod Main
Special Thanks
Shash Lall
Supported by
Kingston University

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Holbrooks in July's Televisual

Those who aren't aquainted with Holbrook's Films take note! The animation duo have created a charming new project with Capital Bee to aid the threatened bee population. We'll let the pair describe themselves...

'Holbrooks is an award winning hub for contemporary animation and digital imaging. Their trademark emphasis on the playful and peculiar has garnered them numerous awards in recent years, and since graduating from Newport Film School, this Welsh duo have surprised with a selection of witty commercials, touching designs and explosive ideas. holbrooks use of mixed media animation in combination with ideas-led design typifies the work of an ambitious and provocative studio...'

Check out more of their work below!

Holbrooks Films - Showreel from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Site Highlight

Having featured in magazines as diverse as Oh Comely, Computer Arts and Nylon, Julia Pott is today's rising star in animation and secures her ascent with her popularity gaining speed on both sides of the Atlantic.

With her work exhibiting a fragile beauty, demand for her unique hand drawn style is steadily growing as she expands her work through short film, apparel and illustration.

My First Crush (cutdown) - Picasso Pictures Showreel from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

Howard (Cutdown) from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

See more from this talented young artist and fall for her charming aesthetic like we have.

Friday, 22 July 2011


We're feeling chills already!

Go check out how many more sleeps you have until the next, always exciting, Netherlands based NuFormer Live Projection here

Check out some of their previous and oh-so-cool projects below:

Samsung - Amsterdam - Picasso Pictures Showreel from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

BMW - JOY from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Inspired by...

...Claire's backpack, who knew something could have so many pockets? But what to fill them with...

Congratulations are in order...

Last night one of our favourite Directors, Justin Blampied of Rain or Shine, won The People's Book Prize for Childrens Fiction at the Stationers Hall in London. His work, 'When I Dream of ABC', written under the guise of literary alter-ego Henry Fisher, is available now and you can read an extract here - You can also have a look at Rain or Shine's work here -

Site Highlight

If you don't know about The then you really ought to. Few people appreciate the more weird and wacky creations in product design but there is a plethora of equal-part-hilarious, equal-part-genius designs by the best and brightest in the field. Here, the guys and gals over at Dieline highlight the best of these creations and give credit where credit is due to these budding packaging designers. Below are a few personal favourites...

The American Folk Tale Collection for Dubble Bubble designed by Gretchen Braun

A hilarious Japanese pastry design 

Designed by Postcarden, these pop-up cards just need water added and you have a living, breathing landscape

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hello there!

Welcome to Picasso Loves, a place for all those involved here at Picasso to show what they're working on and inspired by from great art to great shoelaces and everything in between. We hope you like it!