Thursday, 15 November 2012

A warm welcome to..Sophie!

We have a new face on the front desk; Sophie Harris!
We got to know a little more about her:

Picasso: What is your full name?
Sophie: Sophie Rose Harris

P: Where did you grow up?
S: North West London

P: What is your most favourite thing in the world?
S: Family, Friends and Food!

P: What do you love to do in your spare time?
S: Chill out with friends and family, watch the latest drama series and films.

P: What do you love about London?
S: Everything! Shopping, Imax, London Bridge, the multiculturalism. So many places to visit, different film and music events to go to etc.

P: Why do you love animation?
S: Who doesn't love animation? From Disney to Tex Avery, Walter Lantz…I love where you can take animation in terms of creativity and imagination and it will always appeal to all ages.

P: What are you most proud of?
S: Completing my English and Media degree along with a 10,000 word dissertation!

P: Tell us a secret about yourself!
S: A few years ago my brother asked me to buy him a Lurpack Lighter; little did I know at the time that Lurpack is butter… not an actual lighter for his cigarettes which got very confusing and embarrassing when I asked for a Lurpack Lighter at the cigarettes counter… 

P: Tell us a joke
S:  I could tell you a very lame knock knock joke or 'why did the chicken cross the road' but I'm sure you will still be laughing from the previous question.

Sophie can be found in our reception area and on the end of the phone, we very much look forward to making her part of the Picasso family. Welcome Sophie!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Treat or Treat? A Halloween Special

This Halloween we bring you a delightfully dark selection of visual treats to sink your fake vampire teeth into… Mwoohahahahaa.

Throughout the month of October, The Saline Project have been releasing their globally acclaimed 3D digital lenticular series called Monster, Villains, Heroes and Victims.  
See the collection here


Crafty duo Jens & Anna designed some wonderful make your own desktop monsters, featuring The Bone Cruncher, The Giant Orb and The Snake O’Death. We think these can accessorise any desk all year round, so if you haven’t made yours yet –it’s never too late! 

Download the templates here:


Holbrook’s Films have just released a surreal teaser for their latest dark and dry short film called “Teeth”.  It’s really set ours on edge…perfect for Halloween! 
View it here: Teeth


What is your virtual pet zombie called? Wait, you don’t have one? That’s not a problem, you can get your very own with Finkbom’s clever app! Download Zombigotchi today and keep the little fella happy  - here’s a demo of what you are in for: Zombigotchi


Motomichi's creativity has always reached out beyond the screen, here the humble cardboard box is transformed into a Robo-Motomichi special: Papp

Happy Halloween everyone! x