Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MTS 'Slingshot': The Extended Cut

tokyoplastic's recent MTS commercial 'Slingshot' featuring our beloved character Petey being catapulted into the sky and flying through the air. After  calls to the client MTS from concerned Petey fans asking what happened to him, Dare Vancouver commissioned us to add a little extension on the end, which you can see here.  In fact we we wish we could join him…now where did we put that slingshot?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

tokyoplastic go Underground

As part of the huge preparations for this summer's Olympics here in London, Transport for London commisioned Picasso's tokyoplastic to design a series of posters to help commuters and tourists 'Get Ahead Of The Games'. In co-ordination with, you should begin to notice this beautiful collection of images spring up in newspapers, billboards and more across the city.

Here are a few our intrepid fans have caught around the capital...

Don't forget to tweet us any you spot across town to @picassopictures!