Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In Correspondence with... Saline Project

We asked Saline Project for the low down on their collage art pieces we've been seeing...

From: Adam Toht
Subject: RE. Collage
To: Picasso
Dear Picasso,

Basically, Collage is what started Saline Project. I made the first one in 1998 back at art school as a study for an oil painting, and after leaving school I kept painting, kept doing more of these collage "studies" and they began to become more involved and interesting than the painting's they were for. I started making a bunch of these and would sell them as fast as I could produce them. Around the same time I worked on a few films (some student projects, Requiem for a Dream and others) and it became my dream to work with other artists and make these collages come to life. The funny thing is, after getting out these old slide scans, I realized that the work we are aiming to do now is actually closer to these initial collages (and the initial idea) than anything we've done thus far. An odd ten year cycle. So I actually think we'll be producing some more of these in the coming months- and are really looking for an animation project that we can fully lend this hand worked, painterly vision to.

It's worth mentioning too that these collages are built with sliced up pieces of magazines, books and photographs that are then scratched, drawn on, painted and worked into these kind of hybrid collage-paintings.

Love these things.

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