Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Way We Were...(n't)

Here at Picasso HQ, we stumbled across a marvelous and totally relevant find for the upcoming Jubilee. Would you believe, HRH Queen Elizabeth visited Picasso Pictures soon after her coronation in 1952, such an honour! Then we found some rather fun snaps of us all in the fashion of the day, doing the things we loved to do, haven’t we aged well?!

So Happy Jubilee everyone! We hope you all have a marvelous long weekend and the sun shines on each and every one of you.

From all of us at Picasso Pictures.


Her Majesty at Picasso HQ 1952

Anyone for Cake? says Mel.
Sam made a lovely cuppa.

Jane still only drinks tea from bone china.

Did someone say cake? said Rich
Amelie in Action, she had quite a swing.