Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Introducing... Iria Lopez

Picasso Pictures is known for nurturing up and coming talent, in fact we now have a division to focus on just that called The Pod, which will be launching soon with some really exciting new directors!

One of those exciting new directors,  is the very lovely Iria Lopez, who has a wonderful short film 'Jamon' and some gorgeous illustrations in her portfolio.

We couldn't wait to find out a bit more about her, and see if she is related to J-Lo. (She's not.)

Picasso Pictures: Hello, What is your full name and where in the world were you born /grew up?
Iria Lopez: My name is Iria Lopez, I as born in Madrid but grew up in Coruña, a small coastal city in Northwest Spain. I spent a large part of my childhood with my brother and grandparents near Toledo, the home of Don Quixote.

PP: Where do you live now?
IL: London

PP: How did you get into Animation, when did you know it was for you?
IL: I had always wanted to be an artist, so I did my BA at the local Fine Art school. It was here I started experimenting with animation. It was technically quite messy at the time, but I loved the narrative, artistic and colourful possibilities. It was only when I moved to London that I learnt formally how to animate. The first time I saw my drawings move, talk and think as if they were alive, was really amazing. So I decided to keep doing it!

PP: How would you describe your style and how did it develop?
IL: Funny, quirky and a bit dark sometimes. I am not sure how it developed, I guess through experimenting. I like to think my style is still developing, I will always keep messing around with techniques and ideas.

PP: Who /What was your biggest influence in your career?
IL: I think my course at the National Film and Television School must be my biggest influence. It was there I first learnt the tools and skills of animation. It was a great opportunity to work and study alongside some great animation directors. Also being a vegetarian in Spain has been a big influence.

PP: Is there one specific project that you feel best sums up your style?
IL: So far I think 'Jamon' my graduation film. It is a good example of the animation style and narrative structure that I like.

PP: And what inspires you?
IL: Many things! But mainly people, particularly in Spain; Baker, Butcher, Neighbours, Old Ladies, Family, Friends etc. Since I moved to London, I feel more aware of our culture and lifestyle than I used to, and I like to take it on board in my work. I like observing people and capturing them in my art.

PP: Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows!
IL: I always pronounce the word 'funny' incorrectly, and it sometimes gets me in trouble.

Iria is represented by Picasso Pictures globally, The Pod will launch next month, in the meantime please view the trailer to her short film "Jamon" here: Jamon

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Saline Project's Skechers runs for Super Bowl

The Saline Project's long awaited spot for Skechers Go Run, launched at the weekend in the first half of the Super Bowl.

They created this fun and charming spot for West Coast agency Siltanen & Partners.