Thursday, 21 March 2013

Introducing...Péter Vácz

The Pod is coming soon! Our new division where we introduce up and coming directors to you, who are just too wonderful not to be given the best start possible in their career. Picasso Pictures is known for nurturing talent and loving what we do, so we are very excited to announce our latest Pod signing.

Péter Vácz, is a talented mixed media director with a wonderfully refreshing technique and story telling ability. We fell in love with his short film 'Rabbit and Deer' and met up with him to find out more...

Picasso Pictures: What is your full name?
Péter Vácz: Péter Vácz

PP: Where in the world were you born /grew up?
PV: I was born and have lived in Budapest all my life. It is the beautiful capital of Hungary.

PP: How did you get into Animation?
PV: I first studied Graphic Design and made my first animation as I was fascinated by the subject, although I didn't realise how truly magical animation is until I continued my studies at MOME (Moholy Nagy University of Arts and & Design). In my second year I designed a puppet with a set for an film idea and it turned out to be a great inspiration that I switched to my degree to Animation and I haven't looked back since.

PP: How would you describe your style?
PV: Playful. Visually I always go for clear and simple images because they can be so expressive. I think my style develops with every piece of work I make, how they catch my imagination and inspire me.

PP: Who /What has been the biggest influence in your career?
PV: My father who is also an artist, my mother's love and passion for teaching, my two brothers' and sister's existence and the big old house where we grew up with lots of tools and things around. I feel really lucky that I had these kind of surroundings and the freedom to be creative. I loved tinkering and building things, and I still do. Playing the cello was another big influence, I had a fantastic teacher, and Music has taught me how to learn and work effectively and persistently. Last by not least my animation professors at MOME, József Fülöp and the Oscar nominee Géza M. Toth who I was lucky to work with, have both had a major impact on me as an animation director.

PP: Is there one specific project that you feel best sums up your style?
PV: I would say my two graduation films 'Stream School' and 'Rabbit and Deer' describe my style best and I'm really proud of them. These two short films differ in style and atmosphere. 'Stream School' shows more of my poetic side, whereas 'Rabbit and Deer' my narrative directing skills appear more emphatically.

PP:Where do you see the future leading you career wise?
PV: I feel comfortable and enthusiastic as a director. I'm good at thinking about projects as a whole, I love every part of the film making process. I see myself writing, adapting and directing films, not only short ones but also feature length films. My objective is to work with talented, hard-working and enthusiastic professionals who really inspire me.

PP: What inspires you?
PV: Storytelling. Making films that touch people and bring about happiness. I've always had a few films and directors which have inspired me depending what I was working on; Brad Bird, Henry Selick or Wes Anderson. I'm also motivated when I can be involved in several different things like music, sport and arts.

PP: Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows! 
PV: I love chocolate and (gluten-free) cakes. They make me happier.

Peter is represented by Picasso Pictures, you can view some of his work, including an excerpt of Rabbit & Deer here.