Thursday, 1 August 2013

Introducing... Si Scott

We are very excited to announce that globally acclaimed graphic artist Si Scott has joined our Pod roster! Si is known for his exquisite hand drawn typography and detailed illustrations. We met up to find out what inspires him, and to find out about  his new 3D paper art and tattoos!

Picasso Pictures: What is your full name?
Si Scott: Si Scott

PP: Where in the world were you born? And where do you live now?
SS: I was born in Leeds and at the minute live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales after years spent on and off in London, Manchester and back and forth from various places. I’m trying to decide where I next want to go next!

PP: How would you describe your style?
SS: ‘Hand Drawn Perfection’ has been said to me, which is pretty cool!

PP: How did you get into art? When did you know it was for you?
SS: I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember – I think most kids do draw - some carry on and some don’t. I always wanted to do something to do with art just didn’t know what until it happened.

PP:  What was your first experience with drawing such fine detailed lines? Was it a revelation and you knew it was your look?
SS: It came about through years of drawing type I guess – drawing type forms over and over again helped me develop a very free but controlled way of drawing. It’s kind of gone full circle now as I seem to have veered away from type and am more interested in drawing / creating other subject matters.

PP: You have been creating some gorgeous 3dimensional cut out artworks, how did those come about?
SS: I had the idea for a while to do something with my illustrations in a 3D form. I didn’t want to just get them laser cut or anything like that so started to play around with paper craft and different paper manipulation techniques.

PP: Will the drawn line art always be your preferred technique?
SS: I honestly can’t say! I just like to create and push the work into new areas whilst always keeping true to my own style. 

PP:  What has been the biggest influence in your style and in your career?
SS: Design wise I’d have to say Vaughan Oliver and the sleeves he created for 4AD – They really struck a chord with me when I was younger. I don’t really have design heroes,  but Mr. Oliver has always been and I guess always will be somebody who’s work I admire. Music, Fashion and books have also always been a massive influence on me also.

PP: What one piece of work best sums you up?
SS: It’s not necessarily my favourite piece, but I think “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ (glow in the dark) print means quite a lot to me personally as I love the song and the sentiment of that line! I also have it tattooed on the inside of my right forearm!

PP: What inspires you?
SS: Music / Books / Movies / Fashion / Nature, anything and everything really. I never seem to know where inspiration is going to come from.

PP:  Where do you see the future heading? Your hopes and dreams?
SS: I just want to keep working and creating and pushing the work into new and different areas – movies / music videos / fashion and anything else really – I just like doing the work! Oh, and almost forgot, I am currently learning to tattoo so I am pretty excited about that and where it may lead!