Monday, 23 June 2014

Introducing… Daniel Burke into The Pod!

The Pod, where we introduce brand new talent into the world of commercials, is growing! We are delighted to welcome motion graphics animator Daniel Burke. We love his bright, colourful clean edged design combined with his quirky and cheeky sense of humour. We simply had to find out a little more about him…

PP: Hello welcome to Picasso Pictures! What is your full name?
DB: Mr Daniel Burke.

PP: Ah, no embarrassing middle names then, and where are you from?
DB: I'm from 'ull. Yorkshire, but currently live in London.

PP: So tell us when did you get into Animation?
DB: I was always into making things, but it wasn’t until the end of school that I discovered the wonderful world of animation. The very concept of creating something completely from your own imagination, having the ability to translate that into a moving image to share with others and tell a story at the same time, still excites me to this day.

PP: And how did your style develop and how would you describe it?
DBId say my style is colourful, fun and kind of quirky. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a weirdo with a keen sense of humour and that seems to translate nicely into my work. My work is also quite concise, in that I believe everything on screen should have a purpose. I think that stems from being a bit OCD about the neatness and positioning of the toys on my shelves when I was a child!

Neat kid.
PP: What would you say is the biggest influence on your work so far?
DB: Beavis & Butthead and Salad Fingers because they are such likeable and unique characters in my opinion.

Salad Fingers has influence.

PP: So far, do you have one project that you feel best sums up your style?
DBI'd say 'Fathers', although it's short, it's a playful little piece which demonstrates my style quite clearly; bold, fun, slightly weird with a twist of humour.

PP: Where do you see the future leading you in your work?
DB: I'm not sure but I guess Id like to see my work being enjoyed by others, Ive always believed that if your work has some form of an emotional effect on the viewer, youve done a good job.

PP: Who/What inspires you the most?
DB: Nostalgic sounds, sights and smells are my absolute favourite! I tend to get a lot of inspiration from serendipitous things, tiny details, old things, 50s America, 90s colourful patterns and objects that tell a story through their visual characteristics. Im also massively into old school fast food advertising. Plus the talented artists and studios out there, who continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

PP: So last question! Tell us something about yourself not many people know!
DB: Well, you probably wouldnt think it looking at me, but you’ll find me at my happiest in the thick of a mosh pit :)

To view Daniel's work please go to: