Monday, 20 January 2014

Introducing…Kate Ellis

As we welcome in the new year, we also welcome a new producer to our production team…introducing Kate Ellis!

Picasso Pictures: Welcome to Picasso Kate! So where are you from?
Kate Ellis: Born and bred in South London

PP: How did you get into the Animation Industry?
KE: My parents took me to see Monsters Inc when I was still at school and in the usual Pixar fashion the short “For the Birds” was played beforehand. I clearly remember telling my parents that was what I wanted to do and my love of CG and animation grew from there.

A young Kate hugging cat after watching Pixar.
Later I took an Foundation Art course where I pretty much spent the year building small sculptures out of plaster & balloons and turning them into flick books.  I followed that up with a Digital Animation degree at Hertfordshire University and I’ve been really very lucky since graduating to have worked in various areas of the animation industry and have met some incredible and hugely influential people along the way.

PP: What do you consider important traits for a good producer?
KE: Personally I am hugely grateful that I understand the 3D technical side to animation having studied animation at uni, so I can fully appreciate when something unexpected crops up. It also allows me to help problem solve and find a solution and therefore empathise with directors or artists. I want them to feel my support, and that I’m not just that evil producer standing over their shoulders cracking the whip chasing for work.

Organised / Evil Producer from an early age.
PP: What aspect of producing do you love the most?
KE: I love love love being part of the story telling process from start to finish. Seeing an animation grow from a few scamps that started life on a piece of paper through to a beautifully crafted piece of animation is immensely satisfying. Seeing those creative ideas on a big screen is even better.

PP: What is your production weapon of choice?
KE: Haribo. They bring a smile to everyone’s face no matter what.

Kate's production weapon of choice: Haribo.
PP: Why Picasso as your next adventure?
KE: I’ve been stalking Picasso (in a non weirdo way) for years, and having come from a Previs animation company before it seemed a natural progression to move on to produce higher end spots for broadcast. I’m hugely excited to be part of a very dedicated team that appear to love what they do and who want to have a good time at the same time

PP: What do you like to get up to when you're not working?
KE: I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and am happiest outside & running around causing mischief. Being cooped up indoors is not always my idea of fun, however, skiing and other fun silly sports need to be paid for so here I am working in London. I’m assuming cake, chocolate and wine count as a hobby too?

Adrenaline Junkie Kate
PP: You haven’t decorated your desk yet – have you got plans for your corner?
KE: Give it time!!!  My home & nesting place here at Picasso will take shape in the coming weeks.

PP:  Tell us your best joke.
KE:  How do you get Pikachu on a bus…?

PP: Tell us a secret.
KE:  I have become hugely dyslexic when it comes to telling my lefts from my rights! Test me out!