Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fresh Out The Oven!

Well this has certainly been one exciting week for new work by some really exciting artists.

We have the wonderful Brazillian BEELD's channel idents hot off the presses for Megapix, rejuvinating the brand and creating an entirely new and exciting aesthetic for the channel. They had this to say about the project:

'We teamed up with Megapix to develop the first update to the channel's on air package design since it's launch in 2008. The main goal was to reinvigorate its visual identity widely recognized by the green hue and cube shaped elements. The targets that guided the creative process was those of extended durability ( project life cycle) and maintenance of the strong differential among other cable movie channels. The result is an identity that's extremely consistent and functional, easily renderable to other media, that brings in each fragment the distinct presence of the channel brand.'
Now you can watch them below...

PIX Id C from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

PIX Id A from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

Not only that but the gang have also made this stunning channel ident for Telecine called 'The Man Who Had Never Been To The Movies'. They had this to say of the project:

This short film was created for the "Go to the movies" campaign of Telecine Network. It tells the thrilling story of a man who dreads the darkness of the movie theatres. The narrative unfolds into a mix of different techniques and animation languages; an authentic visual experiment
Catch the sublime piece of work below...
Then we have some beautiful work by the talented illustrator/animator Steve May, who brings us this short piece called 'Amp', check it out below...

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