Wednesday, 14 December 2011

tokyoplastic debut stunning short at Whistler

Fresh from the Whistler Film Festival in Canada we bring you Princess, a beautifully traditional story of true love and happiness...or is it?  

This stunningly animated spot was created by tokyoplastic and produced by Picasso Pictures for Dare Canada as part of a 3 spot campaign which has become a viral spotlight on Canada's most unique film festival.   

The film starts like any other predictable Hollywood movie…but takes a hard left turn. Inspired by Disney favourites, what seems an idyllic princess story quickly turns into a scene you'd sooner expect from a movie sharing a shelf with Scarface.  Just like the festival itself,  expect the unexpected…

“Mainstream movies are predictable, with the same stories told time and time again. Hardcore film buffs who attend festivals like Whistler want to see something new and original. They enjoy the experimental nature of festivals—sometimes they get something good, sometimes terrible, but it’s always original and unexpected.”  Dare's Executive Creative Director Rob Sweetman.

The resulting work, 'Princess', premiered to a raptuous reception. and has very quickly spread virally with over 35,000 views since its debut. We're thrilled to be able to share this work with you and hope you enjoy this surprisng take on this classic genre as much as we do!

Production Company: Picasso Pictures, London
Executive Producer: Jane Bolton, Richard Price
Producer: Richard Price
Director: Tokyoplastic
Agency: Dare, Vancouver
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Mia Thomsett
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Music/Sound Design: Adelphoi Music, London
Music Producer: Greg Moore
Composer: Jamie Masters
Sound Design: Andrew Sherriff
Sound Mix: Koko Productions
Sound Producer: Steve Lowe
Sound Engineer: Chris Hobbs

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