Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Introducing...Amelie Lambert!

Here at Picasso HQ we rely on a crack team of highly talented folks to keep things moving and get our Directors' wonderful work out there. Amelie Lambert (that lovely tanned woman you can see above) has joined Picasso fresh from a stint at shots magazine as Directors and New Business Representative. We caught up with the hilarious French native to chat about animation, opportunities and being 'cool'...

Picasso Pictures: You look cool, who are you?
Amelie: Thanks for the compliment, I never see myself as being "cool", but I'll take it! 
Gosh I never know what to answer to that question, every day I have a different ‘hat’ on.

P: We love your accent, where about do you hail from?
A: Paris, mon ami!

P: Tell us about how you got started in Animation, when did you know it was your 'calling'?
A: Chance, or luck, brought me to work within a field I’ve always been fascinated about from a young age. I have a secret admiration for this art, the intricacy of it all and the brains behind it.
Also over the past few years I have been surrounded by a bunch of close friends who specialise in all things 3D animation/graphic design/multimedia/web development, so it’s sort of become my universe.

P: What stands out for you over the course of your time at shots?
A: I’ve had the chance to travel a lot as part of a creative international industry …I love seeing what everyone is up to, wherever they may be. It's such a small community. shots covered Brazil back in December and that was a fantastic, memorable trip, full of wonderful encounters and findings. I wish them all the best! 

P: What brought you to Picasso?
A: I found, after having had the privilege to meet and talk to directors, producers and creatives, that sometimes the best things come unplanned. It seems moves within this industry just happen, one thing leads to another and it very often is for the best. I hadn’t specifically planned a move like this, but when the opportunity came up, I knew I wanted to go for it. 

I guess the time was right for me, so here I am, a lucky girl to join such a reputable institution within its field. I cannot wait to contribute to the company’s success. 

P: Summer is approaching, any nice plans?
A: Getting married! What is all the Cannes fuss about :o)

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