Thursday, 12 October 2017


The Pod at Picasso Pictures is delighted to announce that Chesh (Paul Cheshire) has joined the roster. Chesh's work is known for being packed with colour, fun, a pinch of cheekiness and a contagious laugh that can be heard three floors down. After years of being a successful animator at London's top studios, we met up for a cuppa to find out why he is turning his hand to directing...

PP: Welcome to Picasso! So can you tell anyone that doesn't know you, who you are and where you are from?
Ch: Hiya! I grew up in Cheltenham and have lived in London for the past 15 years...(Via Bristol and Sydney) 

PP: How would you describe your style?
Ch: Camp & Colourful! From a very early age I was always making things and drawing, mainly inspired from my love of 80's Cartoons and fashion the brighter and weirder the better.

PP: Where did you study?
Ch: I studied Graphic Design specialising in Illustration & Animation at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL)

PP: How did you get into Animation Industry?
Ch: After leaving college I worked as a Runner at an Animation company (by day) and as a Cloakroom attendant at a London Club (by Night).  During my time working at the Animation studio I learned so much about the whole Animation process and techniques involved which inspired me to start making my first animated film "Cloakroom Bitch" mixing my two very strange jobs into one.  Learning new software and lack of sleep made me fall in love with Animation and I knew this was the road for me.

PP: Who/ What has been the biggest influence on your career?
Ch: From Jem and the Holograms, He-Man, She-Ra, Heathcliff the cat, right through to Tank Girl, Madonna and countless John Waters Films, all have had a huge influence on my career.  

Ch: My love of drawing mixed with popular culture is best illustrated in my first solo exhibition "Hey Tranny - A sneaky peek at East London's finest Drag Queens". Where I created a series of Illustrated Prints and Embroidaries of East London's Drag Queens.  This in turn spiralled, ending in creating artwork, animated visuals and commercials for the polysexual party giants Sink the Pink.

PP: Is there one specific project that best sums you up?
Ch: I would have to say "Skittles - play the Rainbow" commercial which I directed in 2016, would best sum up my work, due to its colourful 2D charm mixed with live action footage which is one of my favourite media mixtures.

PP: Where would you like to see the future leading you, career wise?
Ch: Definitely in Animation. I am very excited about the future and extending my role as an Animation Director into other fields too. Fashion and Fashion Illustration have always played a huge part in my work so I am looking to mix the two... I am currently working on an eighties inspired animated catwalk show.  

PP: Tell us something that nobody else knows...
Ch: um...well........   I can fit my fist in my mouth...  

To see more of Chesh's work click here

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