Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fun AND Informational

Our video of the morning has to go to Ross Klettke's 'The First Speeding Ticket'.

'I wanted to have a project to try some new After Effects (AE) things and also to get some overall experience– and to stay enthusiastic and all that too– it ended up being a short film based on a single panel sketch I did a few years ago'

'The short was done on a pretty fast schedule– about 1.5 months while working on a few freelance projects.'

'I also wanted to mess around with fast cutting. The average scene length is 3 seconds ( for comparison: my previous fastest was 5 ). To have things make sense ( hopefully make sense :D) there had to be an emphasis on that old “every shot is an extreme closeup of what you’re supposed to see” sort of thing.'

Fun, smart and charming, we have our eyes on you Ross! Check out the film below and make sure to have a look at his site to see him walk you through how he did it

the first speeding ticket from Ross Klettke on Vimeo.

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