Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lesley Barnes for Channel 4

Lesley Barnes' latest production is a beautifully lyrical piece of animation created to accompany a short poem written for Channel 4's spoken word competition. Entrants were asked to write, in 220 words or less, about a truly random event, good or bad, that altered their life forever. The winning piece, 'Apple' by Dylan Owen, a tragic tale of luck and circumstance, was recited by Owen himself, realised in moving form by Lesley and transmitted on Channel 4 following the premiere of the drama 'Random'.

Lesley designed, directed and animated a simple and stylish film to complement Owen's narrative. Drawing on her unique use of contemporary graphic animation and typography, she engages the viewer, emphasising Owen's tale without overwhelming it. The end result is the perfect visual accompaniment to Dylan's prose.

Lesley Barnes previous work includes a music video for Belle and Sebastian, commercial projects for The Economist and most recently, an illustrative collaboration with Cosmopolitan magazine. Born, raised and living in Glasgow, Lesley delights in the constant inspiration she receives from friends and contemporaries and has weaved for herself a truly unique graphic, bold and stylised aesthetic.

Apple from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

'Apple' was commissioned by 4Creative & Film4 and debuted on Channel 4 on 23rd August '11.

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