Friday, 16 September 2011

Introducing Beeld, Picasso's Newest Director!

They're bold, they're imaginative and they come from Brazil. Beeld Motion, the animation collective from Rio de Janeiro, join the Picasso family this month and bring with them an impressive portfolio of work for CocaCola, Telecine, Brazilian National Television and much more. We caught up with the gang to talk influences, the future and Brazil...

Picasso: Where in the world were you born/grew up?
Beeld: We were all born and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Two of us spent 3 years living and working in Barcelona, Spain, a really enriching experience that inevitably shifts the way you work.

P. How did you get into Animation? When did you know it was for you? 
B: As each one of the five partners has different backgrounds and work experiences, we got into animation in different ways. But we'd say it was mainly through broadcast design, architectural 3D graphics and animation series. 

P. Did you study film-making or animation? If so, where? 
B: Besides a graphic design degree and some animation free courses, most of our knowhow was attained during years of hard work in the market. 

P. How would you describe your style? How did it develop? 
B: We try to be versatile regarding animation techniques and graphic styles, and if we have a recognisable style it's happened unintentionally. Maybe it's emerged naturally as a result of the combination of different knowledges, personal tastes and abilities that coexist inside the studio. We wouldn't like to be defined by a particular style. 

P. What has been your biggest influence in your career? 
B: We'd say our biggest influences come from movies and games. 

P. Where do you see yourself in five years time? 
B: It's hard to say because we don't plan so far in advance. Instead we prefer to let the new opportunities guide us. It would be great to be recognised by our creativity and professionalism and of course, to keep learning and enhancing the quality of our work. 

P. What has been your favourite piece of work so far? 
B: Our favourite piece of work so far is the Telecine Rebrand project. In that specific case we could fully use our major strengths: the ability to create characters and universes, to produce audio and graphics simultaneously, and to develop a wide design system that guides the whole process. 

P.Are you excited to be joining Picasso? 
B: We are really excited to join Picasso and to stand side by side with so many talented directors and designers. 

Dir - Beeld
Picasso Pictures

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