Friday, 16 September 2011

NuFormer for BMW, Madrid

Those talented Dutch Kids over at NuFormer Netherlands have treated us to another amazing 3D Projection, this time for car-making giants BMW in Madrid, Spain. Check out the amazing production below, and more of their work here.

'On September 15, NuFormer Projection completed its third successful 3D video mapping in Madrid, Spain. The projection marked the launch of the new BMW Series 1. The lively Santa Ana square formed the centre stage of the action-packed projection, revealing the two new BMW models on the façade of the Teatro Español.

The hundreds of people that witnessed the festive event responded highly enthusiastic after having seen the fast-paced animation topped with spectacular sound effects. In between the screenings, the audience was given an active role by projecting their first reactions posted on social media platforms onto the theatre.' says NuFormer

Script production in collaboration with Posterscope, CARAT and SCFP. Storyboard and content production by NuFormer. Interactive content by third party. Technical production by CT Holland/JVR

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