Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Introducing Picasso's newest Director, niceshit!

niceshit, otherwise known as Silvia Casali, is the inimitable young Animator from Rimini, Italy who now lives in London to expand her already amazing portfolio after signing with Picasso. We caught up with the up and coming star to talk style, film and the future...

Picasso: So Silvia, how did you get into Animation? When did you know it was for you?
Silvia: During my third year of uni, when I realized that animation can turn an artwork into something way more special. Is nice watching your stuff taking life.

P: Did you study Animation originally?
S: No, I’ve studied communication design, that combines a wide range of subjects, from history of graphic and product design, to marketing, from interaction design to media languages...and so on. Anything but animation.

P: How would you describe your style? How did it develop?
S: I just try to design things as I would like them to be in real life. I tend to reproduce my own world’s idea, where everything is bold and nice, sweet and colorfull.

I guess that most of it comes from my passion for nintendo’s videogames when I was a kid.
I loved to spend entire afternoons projecting myself into supermario’s and Yoshi’s hyper pop worlds, listening to infinite loops of 8bit tunes. I’ve always extremely enjoyed the clean but bold aestetic of the landscapes and the twisted characters populating those worlds.

P: What's been the biggest influence in your career?
S: I could say that discovering 3D graphics has been one of the things that got me more involved, and that made me feel passionate for this job. I feel like it is a world that has always something to be discovered, its potential is huge and constantly expanding. I think that is a super powerful tool to shape what’s inside my head and create tasty things.

P: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
S: Being a full time belly dancer.

P: What's your favourite piece of work?
S: The next one 

P: Are you excited to be joining Picasso?
S: Sure, as for all the things at their start, I’m a bit nervous...but all the premises are really exciting.

See NiceShit's showreel below:

Dir - Nice Shit
Picasso Pictures

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